Moving Forward with  MeaninG

An Online Group Coaching Experience Designed to Increase Your

Focus, Productivity and yes, Happiness

If you're like many of our

clients, you relate to:

✓   Being a purpose-driven professional woman - I care deeply about what I do and I feel  that my work has real value and meaning - or it used to and I'm no longer "feeling it".  

✓  Feeling overwhelmed - With so many responsibilities I never make real progress on my "to-do" list.

✓  Feeling undervalued - I am deeply committed to my work, but no one acknowledges or seems to appreciate this, making me question the purpose of what I'm doing.

✓  Being time/energy starved - There is no time or energy left for me or what's important to me.

✓  Staying stuck or stalled - I've lost my drive - especially during the pandemic; it's difficult to get motivated to do anything but get through the week.

If you’re nodding your head yes,

we invite you to join other accomplished and motivated professionals 

interested in taking a step back  

to shift stress and overwhelm ... into clarity and calm.

Get focused, stay productive and create more happiness in your life.

If you’re interested, click here to apply for the program. 

Creating time for yourself and the things that are most important to you is more essential than ever.


And doing this work with others experiencing similar challenges is twice as powerful.


Leveraging our experience working with professional women who strive to make a positive difference at work and at home, Gina Howell, CPCC and Mary Anne Melear, CPCC  have put together a group coaching experience designed to increase and sustain your “mental fitness” – the ability to shift stress and overwhelm into clarity and calm.



Gain control over your day and your life – learn to recognize what is distracting you, so you can get focused on what matters most.

Identify your inner critics and stop their efforts to undermine your progress by getting out of your head and your own way to take action and create sustainable change.

Learn new habits that will transform the way you work and live by increasing your productivity and happiness with a clear, calm mind.

Get energized and stay motivated to be productive with purpose.

Prioritize what is important to you, so it's clear what you need to say YES and NO to.

Based on a proven system developed by Stanford University lecturer and NY Times bestselling author, Shirzad Chamine, this seven-week experience will cultivate an empowered mindset. Get ready to approach the way you live and work in a way that moves and sustains you toward what’s most meaningful to you.

The PQ Mental Fitness Program has delivered impactful results: 


  • Improved focus

  • Improved productivity

  • Improved happiness


This series uses content produced by the Positive Intelligence Institute and is facilitated by Certified Coaching Leaders Gina Howell, CPCC and Mary Anne Melear, CPCC. Each leader owns and manages a professional coaching practice that specializes in working with highly motivated professional women interested in expanding their potential through meaningful and sustainable change.

Mary Anne Melear

A natural born listener, Mary Anne made the leap from corporate marketing to creative entrepreneurship in 2004. Immediately, she discovered that what excited her most was partnering with creative types in industries from entertainment and education to not-for-profits and tech. Driven by her passion for helping her collaborators reach their full potential, she expanded her writing business into a coaching practice and earned certification through the Co-Active Training Institute, the global leader in professional coaching. Her company, Creative Force Consulting, gives clients the space and grace to share their stories and unleash their personal strength and creativity to make a positive impact in the world. When she’s not listening to her clients’ stories, Mary Anne enjoys listening to pretty much every genre of music.


Gina Howell

A big believer in being direct and dealing with life ‘head on’, Gina has made a career of being able to see what makes people and organizations work well, then striving to make them work even better. Gina channeled this drive and instinct for continual improvement into leadership roles within various public health organizations in a career that spanned over 25 years. Wanting to reconnect more fully with her passion for helping people directly, she decided to shift to using her talents and experience to empower individuals through coaching. Now, a certified professional coach through the acclaimed Co-Active Training Institute, Gina helps people uncover their personal truths and work past their saboteurs to identify and embrace what brings them energy and joy in life.  When not working with others, Gina loves spending time with family and friends and travelling the world with her husband (in non-pandemic times!)


7 Week sustainable changE Program

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7 X 1hr On-demand videos presented by Shirzad Chamine 


1 Mental Fitness App 15 min daily use


Communication Channel for staying in touch with your group between coaching calls

Group Coaching

7 - 1 hr Group Coaching Sessions


Private access to your coaches between sessions


 Are you skeptical that these outcomes are possible for you? If you’re anything like our clients, of course you are; you’re feeling stuck! And what if it were possible? What if this is exactly what you need, right now in this moment? How will this program actually help you?


This seven-week experience is proven to bring you sustainable change through a mental fitness program designed to increase your focus, productivity, and happiness. Here’s how it works:


Small group by design – We take 5-7 participants and create a powerful connection. Together, you’ll learn, support one another, create accountability, and shift how you navigate ongoing change--while staying true to what matters most to you in your career and at home.


Proven methodology – This mental fitness program is based on the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, outlined in Shirzad Chamine’s NY Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence.


Certified Coaching Leaders – Gina Howell, CPCC and Mary Anne Melear, CPCC work with professional women who are purpose-driven to achieve their goals. We’ve been where you are, and we know the challenges of being stuck.


Minimal time commitment – You’ll watch a weekly one-hour on-demand video presented by Shirzad Chamine, engage in a one-hour group coaching call, and complete a daily 15-minute “mental workout” using a customized mobile app.


In seven weeks, we’ll move you from feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, lacking time and energy and feeling stuck to feeling more focused, more productive and happier. And we’ll give you the tools to continue moving forward with meaning.





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