Teachers Need Support too

Are you feeling burned out, angry and resentful that you you're fighting so hard for your students, and yet you feel unsupported and criticized by everyone?


I see how hard you're working. I see how you're fighting for the resources to be able to successfully lead our next generation into productivity and well-being.

I see you.

I've been standing from the sidelines watching you fight for the tools you need to lead the next generation into healthy productivity. I didn't think I could help until a friend (and teacher) commented how much teachers could use coaching support right now. As a result, I'm offering a coaching package exclusive to the first three teachers to register at 1/5 the usual cost*. 

How can coaching help you?


  • provide you with tools to help you navigate this stressful time

  • provide support, encouragement and a place to be heard

  • help you find more balance in your life in this time of chaos

To learn more about this offer, please apply below for a free 30 minute strategy session. Once your application is accepted, we'll set up a time that works for you to explore the challenges you're experiencing, determine some first easy steps you can take to alleviate the stress you're under and see if we might be a fit to work together. 

*I'd still like my clients to have some "skin in the game" as they say. My time is valuable; I want you to commit to showing up too. If cost is a true barrier for you (and I don't want it to be), please let me know and we can discuss.

Thanks for submitting!